Josef Tyls : Vancouver, BC

Of all the self healing systems and methods I have experienced over many years, none have the power which I experienced with Integrative Breathing!

Today’s session with Dale was truly amazing as I went through my life challenges, birth and near deaths; I have finally come to peace with the traumas, which have shaped and controlled my life.

My body is feeling more like home and my inner peace is very present.




Shirley : Red Deer, AB

For the experience of your life, I would highly recommend taking the integrative breath playshop with Dale and Nicole. Come with an open mind, your breath and be prepared to be blown open!!! It is truly life altering.


Dale and Nicole provide a comfortable, safe and fun environment so you can get exactly the experience you need.

Zander Halloway : Costa Rica

"Phenomenal!  My first Integrative Breathwork session with Dale and Nicole was one of the most powerful healing experiences of my life, and also the most paranormal (without the use of psychedelics, that is).


After a cathartic release of deep-seated emotions, I felt for the first time ever, the presence of energetic or extra-dimensional beings around me, who were clearly supporting my healing process. With my practitioners sitting well out of arms reach, I literally felt hands on my belly, shoulders, neck, and head, subtly massaging and sending me positive messages: that I am healing now, everything will be okay, and to stay on my mission.

I was totally blown away. They say that the breath does all the work (and "spirit" is the root of "respiration"), but it surely wouldn't be the same without such talented and heart-centered friends guiding me through the process.  With peaceful, grounded, playful and enlightening energy, they seem to create sacred space wherever they wander.

I look forward to seeing them again, practicing integrative breathwork daily, and sharing this powerful modality with others. Namaste".

Erica : Kelowna, BC

Dear Dale & Nicole,

The time spent with you in breathe via skype was really centering and brought me much joy.  I wondered how it would be without being together physically and facilitated that way, but I must say I was pleasantly amazed knowing that being together in spirit with the breath and your very intuitive guidance of words and much more was perfect.  My intention for the session was to become more and more authentic because I'm realizing that's where the magic is, to transform oneself to open up and to love. To love all things including myself, others and expansive 'everything'.

While in the breath, I noticed this volcano deep in the ocean, erupting, 'degassing' as it's called.  The entire Earth and 1000's of other planets and moons are continually 'degassing', these are volcanic gases released from deep within the mantle and are that which creates an atmosphere.  Earth is the only planet so far that we know of that has developed such an atmosphere for this beautiful life we are living, that supports our ability to breathe and live!  I saw all of this in it's perfection.  The breath within me coming from spirit, one with all that is supporting me that's so big - a universe so large yet supports my breath.  A miracle! Thank you for supporting me, too, Dale and Nicole, in letting go and opening in such a loving way. In breath.

Love, Erica

Beverley : Vancouver, BC

I felt so very blessed on many levels after my first group breath session which lead me to a couple of individual sessions & a few more group sessions.

Each one has given me so much beautiful insight & healing of great emotional pain. I myself did not realize how much I was carrying with me in my subconscious, each release makes me feel like I have created more gentle space within!

I thank you both with great appreciation for always creating such a safe space, for being in your authenticity and genuinely coming from your heart space.This gift you graciously offer was so what I needed for my evolution to find pure joy within & not spend my life being sedated. Who knew all I needed to do was breathe!

Thank you for your sincere devotion to this profound teaching! I am also thankful and amazed at the depth of insight I received during my Thai massage with Nicole. Breathing deeply and laughing loudly thanks to both!


Rob : Red Deer, AB


Thanks for the resources but more than that thank you for your gentle and loving spirit.  Both Dale and Nicole reminded me that I was in a safe place Monday night….a place where I could allow feelings to surface that have been held back for much too long.  Monday was not only a brand new experience for me, but one of liberation and one that I will cherish and take with me on my journey.  It is rare to find people who are authentically where they need to be in terms of what they offer fellow sojourners, and I am so appreciative to have had the chance to cross paths with Dale and Nicole.  Until our paths cross once more be blessed as you continue to bless all the souls your meet along the way…


With a full and free and restful heart…

Hanna : Vancouver, BC

Dearest Dale,

Thank you for your beautiful love, warmth, and support. Wow- that was out of control what happened to me today. My tears are of such gratitude that no tears wanted to come out.

Valeska : Vancouver, BC

Thank you so much Dale.

I am in deep gratitude for having experienced my true self in your presence.  How powerful.  I am in awe and have been touched so deeply by this experience.  Finally I know and feel what home is when I am longing for it.  :-)  Thank you for holding the space and being the channel.

Sat Nam, and Lindsay : Vancouver, BC



Woah . . . where do I begin . . . first off; thank you . . . second off; I have been dealing with plantar facsitis in my foot for weeks now (it's an old running injury); this morning -  NO PAIN!!

Third off; Barclay got up this morning and promptly started cleaning our carpets (!) - He's NEVER done that . . . go figure . . . Fourth off; I am filled with this 'knowing' that there are so many souls here walking our Earth who are healers, so many, many healers; the future is SO BRIGHT!

Thank you again for holding the space so gracefully; not an easy task with all that energy.

Love & Sat Nam, Lindsay

Erica Massey : Kelowna, BC

Dale, Thank You so much for the Integrative Breathing experience at the Sonic Temple. My heart is so full of light and gratitude I cannot put it in words. I went in with an openness and trust and enjoyed the most memorable evening of my life.


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